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Do you have to prepare the food in my house?
Yes, because of health department regulations, food must be prepared in the safety of your own kitchen or in a commercially certified kitchen.

Do I need to be home?
No you don't. In fact most clients are not at home during a cook date. We can be at your home before you go to work, or you can leave a key. Cooking normally takes five to seven hours, depending on the selection and the amount of food you have chosen. We will also make special arrangements if there is an alarm system.

Is there anything I need to do for a cook date?
Having a clean kitchen with necessary counter space is desired. Also having ample space in the fridge and freezer for your meals is necessary. If using reusable Pyrex containers, they should be clean and ready for packaging your meals.

Can you make my Mom's recipe or do you use your own?
Nobody makes food as good as your mom, but we will be happy to prepare any recipe you want. We prefer to test recipes before cooking them for clients, so special requests should be made in advance!

The cost seems to be about what I pay for an entree in a restaurant-why is that?
All the shopping and groceries are included and prepared in the safety of your home. When you go out to a restaurant, you must drive there, wait for a table, hopefully receive good service, and hopefully have any special requests fulfilled. Then, you pay premium prices for wine and liquor, tip the server and get back in the car to drive home. If you have a personal chef, you just heat your specially prepared entrees in the comforts of your home.

Do I have to commit to a certain number of cook dates?
No, there is total flexibility in how many times you have us cook for you. You may want to settle into a routine, counting on a specific cook date on an ongoing basis. Or, you may only need the service temporarily, while you recover from surgery or an injury, while you are busy with a new baby, or other situations where you want a chef to cook for you to ensure you eat well during stressful times.

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